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Zippy: Interior Designer Vs. Personal Assistant

Choosing the right furniture for your office and decorating the interior of your office is crucial to the success of your business. Not only do you need your customers to believe in your capabilities but they have to see that you have taste and class and this comes across in your surroundings.

The task of re-decorating the brand new offices in Gauteng was given to the PA of the company CEO who dresses with great taste and seems to be the best person for the job. Who wants to spend money on an interior designer or decorator, not even to mention a good spatial planner? So, she got the job and started off with a big bang. Everything was going well, all the quotes came in and the cheapest one was chosen. That’s the way we do furniture right? With only days till the grand opening, the furniture finally arrived. The horror on the boss’s face still haunts her. Sound familiar?

There is nothing worse than walking into a reception area with bad lighting, uncomfortable reception chairs, a distasteful reception counter and mismatching colours and patterns.
Have you ever seen a chameleon on a smartie box? Confusion is the word.

The solution is to ensure that you get the proper furniture supplier along with the best space and interior designer who is familiar with the furniture to be used. The space designer or interior decorator has to know exactly the sizes available to you and when quoting for your project, needs to see all possible decorative challenges when it comes to your office furniture setup.

There are people who specialize in interior and space design just the same as you specialize in your business. Make use of them to ensure that your desired outcome is, in fact, the outcome that you get.

The moral of the story:
Interior design and decorating of your office environment are not to be left to the PA unless you want to challenge your customer’s level of expectation and appreciation for your company and your service.

Ensure that you get the right quality furniture and the best installation team along with the space planner to create the office you envisioned.

Zippy office furniture offers all these services. Local manufacturing, interior and space design, delivery and installation. Don’t waste your time, focus on your business and let Zippy focus on your environment.

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