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Ixaxa Office Furniture: Sonoma Office Chairs

Sonoma breathes new life into the office, where old stuffy leather executive chairs of the past once roamed. It has a simple sophisticated look with attention to comfort and detail. Now available from Ixaxa Office Furniture.

Inspired by the innovative and modern wine producing county in Northern California of the same name, Sonoma looks to re-interpret the traditional look of the leather executive chair. Reflecting the sophisticated yet laid back nature of this place, the simple yet elegant aesthetic was conceived to complement both classic and modern executive offices.

The simple lines are bordered by luxurious contrast stitching, evoking the sophistication found in today’s sports cars.

One of the variations is the Sonoma “blanc”, which is available in a vibrant range of fabrics,
and beckons to a more youthful crowd. The armrest and base in this model are powder-coated white to complement the white polypropylene back shell. Both versions come with a high degree of adjustability to accommodate various user sizes and complies with EN-1335 standards for dimensions, safety and durability.

Choose comfort and style with Sonoma.

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