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IXAXA: How To Create Privacy In Your Office

We love open plan office spaces that are great for collaboration and team work. However, a typical open office floor plan doesn’t give you much in the way of privacy. We asked the office design experts from IXAXA to help us out and share some top tips and furniture to up the privacy level of any open plan office. 

Set Up Quiet Spaces With An Open Office Floor Plan

According to CNBC, 58% of employees need quiet spaces to complete their daily tasks at work. Occasionally, your employees will need to get away from the noise. Setting up area outside of your open office where employees can relax and throw on their headphones can help increase their focus. Adding in comfortable chairs with pops of colour create excitement and cosy-ness and make your workers feel at home. You can partition this section of the office off with bookcases or other storage solutions to divide the noise away from the quiet zone. This will give your employees a place where they can get away from their desk, and it will provide you with more storage option. It’s a win-win situation!

Creating a little nook for your employees can help them concentrate and get things done, or even a place for them to have lunch away from their desks. If others get too distracting, this place can become the ultimate concentration and zen zone.

Set Up Spaces for Teamwork

Look around your office, do you have collaboration zones? Every office needs a space where workers can work together without worrying about disturbing their co-workers. A collaborative area can be a comfortable space for teams or departments that need to work together and give each other helpful feedback. Furniture Solutions Now offers collaborative desks that make it easier to share ideas without needing to yell across a big conference table.

Collaborative space is just like a quiet space, but with room for more people. You’ll need more chairs and desks, but you’ll also want to use some other furniture that could help separate one team from another. Workers in a collaborative workspace could be prone to get distracted by their co-workers in nearby workspaces, but with the right office furniture and space design you can cut down on distractions and encourage that collaborative attitude you’ve always wanted with the open office layout.

Add Some Greenery

In addition to office furniture, some plants could also help subtly separate workspaces in your open office floor plan. A plant can serve as a divider when needed, but it won’t be in the way when workers have to communicate. You can even add in some fake plants if you don’t have a green thumb. They’ll still liven up the office and serve as dividers when you need them to.

Studies have shown that plants can provide lots of benefits in an office. They’ve provided a 58% drop in depression and 38% reduction in fatigue. Plants can be a huge stress reliever in the office. Since employees are indoors the majority of the day, they don’t get to spend much time in nature. If you bring nature indoors to your employees, it can boost their energy and reduce stress, and on top of that, they can act as a great divider for different parts of the office!

Create Separation With Wall Colours

Once you’ve added furniture for separation, think about changing up the colours in your collaboration or zen working space. Different colours can provoke creativity or deeper thinking. Think about what kind of an environment you’re trying to create and choose your colour accordingly. If you’re trying to create a calm area where your employees can go for a breather, then go with blues. If you want to create a space where your employees can get a change of scenery to get creative, you might want to go with yellow. Look at the psychology of colours to find the perfect colour for your office or consult with one of our team members!

An open workspace is excellent for collaboration; however, everyone needs their privacy once in a while. This doesn’t mean you need a new office; you can contact Furniture Solutions Now and find the office furniture that helps you add a little bit of privacy to your open office. With types of furniture like bookcases and shelves, you can create the perfect division into your zen den away from the big open workspace. Furniture Solutions Now can not only provide you with furniture but can also help you design your office for the perfect set up for you and your employees.

Now we’ll turn it over to you, what’re some of your ideas on how you created a zen space in your open office floor plan? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!”


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