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Entrawood: An Agile Office For A Connected Space

At this year’s Design Joburg 2018 Expo, Entrawood Office Furniture Solutions showcased their Agile Office concept which incorporates, mobile, height, adjustability, privacy, comfort, and connectivity.

“Our Designs focus on the end user, for whom we provide functional and comfortable furniture that adds to a beautiful aesthetic. We also have to ensure that our products meet the high level of quality and fast production lead times our customers have come to expect” Says Nushke Grobler, product & marketing manager at Entrawood.

“For Design Joburg 2018 we wanted to showcase the products that give an office character and substance, ensuring employees can move from one task to the next, uninterrupted.”

The workplace solutions they had on display included:

For Reception, and comfortable meetings: The Salon curved sofa combines beautifully with the Shell round meeting table and loose chairs to facilitate a team meeting in a stylish and comfortable setting.

For Privacy in an Open plan: The Cocoon booth and Pod, by ENTRAKOR®, offers employees the option of doing focused work in a semi-private Cocoon with the freedom to plug-and-play away from their desks. The walls act as “blinkers” to reduce visual distraction, they have a solid interior to dampen external sounds and are padded to absorb the echo/sound.

For Presentations & Brainstorming: The shell meeting table is made for a collaborative and focused meeting, offering power reticulation so that plug-and-play happens easily, rounded end allows everyone to comfortably see the monitor screen on the mobile TV stand, which can also be turned around to show the whiteboard on the other side for a brainstorming session. The Mobile ottoman’s, launched at this year’s Design Joburg Expo, can easily slide and don’t hinder movement.

For the engaged employee: A height adjustable shell desk with easy access to power offers users increased mobility, and health benefits, and facilitates mobile technology which has become prevalent in all modern offices.

From 1 July 2018, you will find Entrawood in their new showroom, on the 1st floor of 14 Kramer Road, currently the home of Ligne Roset.

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