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Design Hygiene: Why Work Hygiene Should Be A Priority in Your Office

In any working environment, you’ll find a mix of individuals and personalities. You may also find varying levels of hygiene that could affect the entire team. Here we share a few reasons why office hygiene is so important.

Keep your employees healthy

Good hygiene means cleanliness and less germs, which could also equate to happier, healthier employees.

On the contrary, an unhygienic workplace increases cases of employee absenteeism, costing the business more money. If you have substandard hygiene in the office, expect more and more employees taking sick days.

Limit the spread of germs and disease by investing in sanitary washroom and toilets. Ensure that these are equipped with hand washing stations and that these rooms are kept clean and fresh at all times.

Keep your office looking great

First impressions last. Create a stylish, sanitary and organised working environment by ensuring that things are well kept, tidy and clean in the office at all times.

Your workplace cleanliness and hygiene reflects directly on your company’s core values to make sure people will have only good things to say about you.

Design Hygiene:

Whenever you need to wipe, clean or sterilize, Design Hygiene is able to assist you. Their range of dispensers, refills and services are designed to meet the needs of washrooms, industrial environments, kitchens and dining areas.

Design Hygiene is the premier provider of innovative products in hygiene equipment and consumables in South Africa. Driven by service, passion and a constant search to bring you the most modern look for your school, gymnasium, business and home, you’ll find us to be your “one stop shop” for sophistication.

We are the chosen distributer of all Elkay, TSM, Suitemate & Tork products in South Africa. This allows us to present our clients with a cutting-edge range to all their hygiene needs, putting them at the forefront of the hygiene industry.

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