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Cecil Nurse: The Ins and Outs of Office Design

Office make-overs can be rewarding, inspiring and even fun. Unfortunately, they can also be a big headache if you are not prepared. Cecil Nurse shares some top tips for the ideal office design.

SPACE PLANNING Every good office design project starts with proper space planning. Take time to measure your interiors correctly and never assume that the furniture you plan to purchase will fit your space correctly. Be sure to take note of doors, windows, power outlets and other room obstructions that will affect the way your office furniture fits. Recheck your measurements for accuracy and do not rely on old blueprints or estimations.

SET YOUR BUDGET Once you have the dimensions of your space, do a cost analysis to determine a reasonable budget for your project. Setting a budget will help you from splurging and overextending your finances during the makeover project. Visit your local Cecil Nurse showroom, browse their furniture offering online, and get a good idea of what you’ll be comfortable spending. Don’t forget to account for little things like room accents and ergonomic accessories, as they will make a big difference in appeal and functionality. GET INSPIRATION We know you are eager to get out and shop for new office furniture, but you need to get a little inspiration before you do! Start by creating a design folder to house ideas for your space. Chat to a Cecil Nurse sales consultant and visit social sharing sites like Pinterest. You can also visit surrounding businesses to network while you get inspiration. Speak to your sales consultant about the latest office design trends to ensure that your space is up to date.Once inspired, select a theme for your project, for instance, this year modern, industrial, retro, and contemporary looks are very popular.

STAY IN TOUCH Once you’ve agreed your space-plan, have sourced your office furniture, placed your order, you should stay in close contact with your sales consultant so that you are fully appraised of the delivery lead-times, installation details and, obviously, the final date of hand-over. Contact: Cecil Nurse

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