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Ergo Meets ECO: Meet Geo Cloud’s Most Eco-friendly chairs

Looking to create an office space that encourages productivity while protecting the planet? Geo Cloud’s eco-accredited office chairs are changing the game of eco-friendly furniture.

In an age of growing eco-consciousness, there is a huge emphasis on sourcing products that are environmentally friendly. People are looking for eco-products that are well-priced and maintain a high-quality.

The market has been inundated with products that claim to play their role in protecting the planet. But how can we be assured that the products that claim to be eco-friendly actually are?

As one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised eco-labels, Global GreenTag makes it easier to identify the best eco-products within the market. Their certification assures you that you can trust that the product you purchase is as kind to the environment as it claims to be.

The certification isn’t given for nothing! They ensure that every product is fitness tested and certified under one of their two leading certification programs that use the world’s best scientific methods.

Leading local chair manufacturer,  Geo Cloud, has upped the chair-game with a range of three GreenTag certified chairs. This new eco-friendly accreditation adds to the list of benefits of Geo Cloud chairs.

Geo Cloud’s key focus has been in creating productive work spaces for industrious corporate environments. More than just a pretty face, their modern desk and chair ranges are not only aesthetically appealing, but have been crafted for ergonomic comfort.


The ultra-lightweight Tela range adopts a holistic approach to dynamic design concepts for work, interconnectivity and comfortable support. They’re best suited in state-of-the-art work areas that encourage open communication and maximum productivity.

The Emotion II is a sleek executive chair with upholstered, curved seats that give hard workers hours of comfort. The adjustable lumbar support allows you to keep a perfect posture.

The elegant range of Step Ahead task chairs provide ergonomic comfort with an upholstered, sliding seat, with adjustable lumbar support built into the stylish, mesh high-back.

These stylish chairs will give your office a modern aesthetic, while boosting employee productivity. And the best part? You can be rest-assured that you’re playing your part in protecting the planet by buying eco-consciously!

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