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Entrawood: The Cocoon Booth and Pod

In the modern office, we are regularly exposed to and distracted by all sorts of stimuli, from colleagues talking loudly on phones, to email notifications popping up on our screens and watches vibrating to remind you that it is “Time to Move”.

Almost every job demands that you are readily available to share information and opinions, however there is also a basic human need to take time out and be free from distractions to re-focus and recharge. The Cocoon booth and pod by Entrakor offers employees the option of doing focused work in a semi-private Cocoon with the freedom to plug-and-play away from their desks. The walls act as “blinkers” to reduce visual distraction – they have a solid interior to dampen external sounds and are padded to absorb the echo/sound. The Cocoon Pod is a single seater with a tablet that acts as a work surface, but can also be lifted up to access the power-set and a storage compartment. The Booth is a 2 seater, and ideal for a one-on-one meeting with a colleague or client, or, when placed face-to-face with a 2nd booth ideal for a team meeting. Choose fabric to suit your corporate colours and compliment the rest of your office interior. Creating spaces in an office environment that specifically caters for different tasks, makes switching between tasks easy and effortless for employees and essentially cultivates a happy work environment.

The Cocoons could easily be incorporated into an open plan office or placed in a more secluded area facing a window. Entrawood and Entrakor are proudly South African with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing office furniture. They believe that intentionally designed offices spaces and a vibrant office culture play a big role in the success of any business. Their innovative products are designed to maximise your workplace efficiency and support an agile office culture.

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