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Entrawood: Sophisticated Offices With Shell Executive Furniture

Create a professional and stylish office environment with the help of the latest Shell Executive range of furniture from Entrawood.

Shell Executive Furniture from Entrawood is a range of hand-finished high-quality birch ply office furniture. Crafted by passion and dedication, for those who value artistry and workmanship. The rounded shapes and chamfered edges expose the different layers inspired the range name “Shell”.

Entrawood combines the latest technology and machine precision with the care and patience of a true woodworker. Each product is cut, pressed and drilled with pre-programmed accuracy and meticulously finished and polished by hand to get the perfect edge and durability.

Chamfered edge exposes the layers of birch ply and the quality of the products. While the High-Pressure laminate adds to the durability and modern appearance. The team recommends Xtreme Mat laminate that has a silky, anti-fingerprint finish.

The simple yet balanced steel structure is also locally made in the Entrawood factory. As a result, they can offer a consistent standard and a truly modular range of meeting and boardroom tables.


They broke the mould of the traditional executive office and explored the elements that can make a work environment inspiring. Above all, they wanted to promote freedom of thought while at the same time providing the thinker with a sense of control. The result is a truly unique executive desk, shaped to its user.

The usefulness and visual impact of each surface and structural element were considered. Then intentionally shaped and proportioned to create balance and harmony between the furniture and the user. Furthermore, by combining carefully selected materials, soft curves and layered textures the shell range achieves sort of modern luxury rarely seen in executive offerings.

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