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Create A More Comfortable Place to Work with FormFunc

It is important to understand that an effective ergonomic workstation is not complete by the mere presence of a quality task chair. Ergonomic office chairs are simply a mechanism designed to maintain support during postural changes required through out the working day.

Here we look at some top tips to creating a more comfortable and ergonomic space to work, with thanks to FormFunc.

A holistic view that covers all the essential components of an ergonomic workstation, namely: support, vision, reach and breathing needs to be considered. To this end, Humanscale have developed a series of ergonomic tools that compliment their office chair range. A selection of monitor arms (monitor stands), task lighting, laptop stands, keyboard supports, footstools and air purifiers complete the modern workstation.

In part, or as a collective, these award winning tools facilitate the basic principle of an ergonomic workstation – which aims to fit the task to user and keeping the user supported and mobile throughout the day. Mobility, increases circulation which in turn reduces the risk of repetitive strain (fatigue) and ultimately improves the health, well-being and productivity of the user at their workstation.

Footrest / FM500

Humanscale Foot Machines get your feet moving for health and comfort. They offer relief from prolonged, inactive sitting by encouraging a gentle rocking of the feet, which uses most of the lower leg muscles to increase healthy circulation. The Foot Machines also raise the feet to relieve pressure on the lower back when sitting.

Laptop Stand / L6

The L6 Notebook Manager dramatically improves user comfort. It reduces the risk of long-term injury while using a laptop computer, by promoting good ergonomic posture. Offering a number of practical features, the versatile L6 is ideal for full-time workstations, home offices, hospitality applications, and any other workspace in which a laptop computer is regularly used.

Keyboard Support

Since 1999, Humanscale has been the leading manufacturer of articulating keyboard systems, and today sells more than all other manufacturers combined. A key component of an ergonomic workstation and a must for any keyboard user, a well- designed articulating keyboard support offers serious protection from carpel tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, and other musculoskeletal issues.

CPU Holder

Humanscale’s CPU holders provide a safe and secure storage solution for your technology investment. Boasting tool-free installation and a sleek silhouette, the CPU600 offers convenient ergonomic access to ports and drives, and time-saving installation and removal for quick hardware upgrades and repairs. The underdesk track mount with 360-degree swivel provides easy CPU access while also protecting the unit from dirt, vacuums and other workplace hazards.

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