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City Office: Let Us Help You Choose the Right Office Chair

When we spend countless hours behind a desk every day, we need to carefully consider the furniture we choose for the office. Picking the right office chair has far-reaching results such as increased productivity, wellness and appeal for everyone in your office. We share a few simple things to consider when choosing the right chair for your office!

  1. Consider the Angles

Sitting for extended periods of time can put a lot of strain and pressure on your body and joints. A good office chair offers the right support for your joints and ensures that your hips, ankles and knees are all at the right angles for maximum support and comfort. All your joints should be at 90-degree angles. If your hips are not at a 90-degree angle then the chair is either too tall or too short for you.

2. Your chair should be adjustable

A good office chair can easily adjust in all directions. Can your office chair adjust in height – up and down as needed? This is essential for comfort. It should also be able to tilt from side to side and the individual parts of the chair should be able to adjust to suit anyone who will be seated in it. Consider the adjustability before you make this worthwhile purchase.

3. Back support is essential

When seated, your back should be fully supported. After all, your back is central to your body’s entire nervous system! Proper ergonomic chairs will offer full upper and middle back support to avoid injuries or strain. A good chair will, therefore, support your body’s natural shape and the curve of your back and neck. Check this out before purchasing any office furniture.

4. Consider the upholstery

You should not overlook the chosen upholstery of your office chair, as the fabric should not be abrasive or cause complications such as overheating or skin irritations. Choose breathable materials such as mesh or natural fibres that will add to a more comfortable seating solution in the office.

City Office is a local South African manufacturer of office chairs, seating solutions and allied products. They manufacture all chair components and assemble on-site at their 16 000m2 factory in Robertville, Johannesburg, making their products truly South African, while offering employment to over 300 employees.

City Office does not deal with the client directly but with a network of dealers who understand their uncompromising commitment to superior quality standards, confirmed by their no-nonsense five-year warranty which can confidently be extended to clients.

For more visit City Office.


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