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Cecil Nurse: Silent Work Spaces in Open Plan Offices

Noise distracts concentration and reduces efficiency in the modern workplace. Ensuring good-quality sound in the corporate environment has, however, not become easier over the years, as row upon row of box-like offices and meeting rooms have given way to open spaces, informal huddle rooms and visually imaginative public areas.

All too often, modern office spaces only take acoustic considerations into account when it’s too late or at the end of a project. This appears to occur often in open-plan office environments, where several departments within an organisation might be sharing the same spaces.

With open-plan offices remaining popular, however, Cecil Nurse offers a range of soundproof rooms that can be slotted into almost any workspace. The Cecil Nurse pods are designed for hosting small meetings or video conferences, taking phone calls, or simply as an escape from the noise of a busy workspace.

Try to imagine a glass boardroom or meeting room amidst an open-plan office environment. It is likely that any conversations, potentially confidential or private, that take place within the boardroom or meeting room will spill out into the open-plan area for colleagues to hear. In these, and many other situations, confidentiality and privacy are compromised.

Offices are often designed as beautiful workspaces, without enough consideration given to the needs of users or people working within them – resulting in employees working with headphones, isolating themselves from workplace noise and distractions around them to improve individual productivity.

People should have the right to “turn up the volume”. On the flip side, however, employees should also have the right to work in silence. At Cecil Nurse, we believe these two options can coexist.

The acoustic room – exclusively available from Cecil Nurse – creates a sound-protected haven inside an open-plan office, for meetings and other situations requiring privacy and focus. Four modules in different sizes create soundproof islands, protected from the surrounding work environment, or from busy areas with high foot traffic.

The walls of each room are fitted with a layer sound-absorbing mineral wool, as well as fire-resistant wooden slats, while the exterior is finished with vertical melamine or fabric covered panels. Doors are made from high-quality insulated glass, helping to further soundproof the cubicles. The interior is pleasing, and the furniture installed inside provide a general sense of comfort and privacy.

The rooms come in different sizes but all include sets of recessed spotlights and a superior air reticulation system positioned on the top of the acoustic pods.

Acoustic rooms give your office the flexibility to have private focus spaces and meeting rooms in your open plan office design.

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