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A New Way of Working with Cecil Nurse

In today’s world, it’s important to have an office space that functions according to your business needs and enhances the performance of those who work within its walls. This is why the design of your office is so important and why design trends are constantly changing and adapting to the demands of modern companies. It directly impacts our ability to work and be at our most productive, attentive, and creative every day that we step foot in our workplace.

Design plays a huge role in our lives. The goal of today’s designers, architects, and contractors is to go beyond creating buildings that are sustainable and energy efficient and to work with the occupants to design spaces that help make them more efficient, productive and inspired. With well-being firmly in place as a design staple, new movements have emerged from the trends of yesterday that are being implemented in offices around the world, making people happier, healthier, and more excited than ever to walk into work each day.

This evolving landscape of the workplace requires innovative thinking. Staying ahead of the curve is just as important in attracting top talent as it is keeping your existing workforce and working with thousands of clients, our design and product development consultants see first hand what trends are emerging and have staying power.

Emerging trends in 2018 offer different opportunities for employers, architects, and interior designers alike.

UNCONVENTIONAL WORK AREAS: This design trend was spearheaded by the millennial generation and their preference for open spaces, collaborative work environments, and the atypical. When you think of an unconventional work area design, imagine a living room, meditation space, or a dressed-down conference room complete with sofas, bean bag chairs, plants and greenery, a smattering of vibrant colours, and lots of room for activities. Offices all over the world are adopting these new and unorthodox working and meeting spaces to attract young talent and make working spaces more fun and synergistic.

DYNAMIC SPACES: The dynamic spaces trend has emerged as one of the most popular design trends over the past 2 – 3 years. With the essence of ‘dynamic’ translating to ‘marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change’, being an apt description of what this trend is about, let’s explore some of the aspects of dynamic spaces. Dynamic spaces are moveable, constantly fluctuating, engaging, and can transform from a space for company parties and activities to traditional conference rooms or meeting areas. Dynamic spaces offer the opportunity for businesses to be more creative with their space. Interior designers know that businesses are constantly changing and becoming more flexible, allowing colleagues and staff to try new things in innovative ways, which led directly to this trend.

Dynamic spaces are defined by lightweight and moveable furniture with wheels, garage doors to open space, plants and containers, moveable green wall dividers and wipe boards or chalkboards.

BIOPHILLICALLY DESIGNED: More than a trend, biophilic design is a scientifically proven philosophy of our innate connection with nature and natural elements. With people living and working indoors 90% of the time, this design trend has shot to the forefront. While Cecil Nurse has been consulting customers on this concept for a while now, biophilic design has reached a tipping point where it’s now a borderline best practice for architects, facilities managers, and interior designers.

Biophillically designed working spaces continue to become more commonplace as this trend goes far beyond adding a few plants to your office. Biophilic design at its core uses nature as an architectural framework to weave the patterns and forms of nature into the built environment through the use of textures, patterns, natural lighting, and live plants. This trend is rapidly growing in popularity in places where nature is not easily attainable such as offices in large metropolitan areas, and in more creative and progressive office spaces in large tech hubs, and across the construction and engineering industries in general.

HOMESTYLE COMFORT DESIGN: The new homestyle comfort design trend is a sign that employers are either listening to the wants and desires of their colleagues, or they are figuring out new (and fun) ways to get them to stay at work longer. This design is all about making offices feel more comfortable or homelike. Cecil Nurse designers see first hand how interactive design and employee comfort can transform the workplace. The trend stems from the growing millennial population in the workforce and the millennials preference for comfort, the unconventional, and hands-on environment. Couple this with a growing awareness of the importance of environmental physical design, and you end up with new and exciting offices.

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