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Zollanvari: The Beauty of Textile Design with Traditional Gabbehs

Beautiful woven designs in vibrant prints – this is the traditional handcrafted textiles now available from Zollanvari International with Gabbehs in an array of patterns.

A Gabbeh is a hand-woven pile rug characterized by an abstract design that relies upon open fields of colour and playful geometry. Gabbehs are woven by tribal women and are principally used as ‘bedding blankets’ by the nomadic tribes of the Zagros Mountains of Iran, including Kurdish, Luri and Ghashgha’i people.

Gabbehs are quintessentially Zollanvari and geometric designs are quintessential Gabbeh designs. Their Gabbehs come in different qualities. The finest Gabbeh weave is Kashkuli, named after one of the Ghashgha’i nomadic tribes living in Fars province, southeast and northwest of Shiraz. Amaleh, also named after one of the Ghashgha’i tribes who produced high quality artefacts for the Khans, are more coarsely knotted, but truly unique and individual in patterns and colour combinations.

Take a look at some of the amazing designs below, all copyright registered by Zollanvari International and are their sole property.

Quilt Crazy, Blue, Orange & Violet, Wool,

Feathers 1, Wool

Gabbehs Abstract & Plain

Abstract designs are Gabbeh classics. Zollanvari have produced modern versions of these classics that have won recognition worldwide, including various Carpet Design Awards at DOMOTEX: ‘Broken Waves’ was named Best Modern Design in 2009 and ‘Mirage’ Best Modern Design Superior in 2010.

Abstract & Plain Gabbehs are available in both Amaleh and Kashkuli qualities. They also offer carpets in natural colours (undyed wool) and single colours with a mesmerizing abrash effect in the Shekarlou range, which is woven by Turkmen tribes in northern Iran. The Shekarlou carpets are lighter due to the use of a single weft between rows of knots.

Rolling Green Hills

Gabbehs Flora & Fauna

Trees, flowers and animals (principally lions) are design themes that are used by tribal women to weave some of Zollanvari’s most original Gabbehs. The weavers are given patterns and colour ranges (often inspired by ancient and archaic patterns such as the ‘Tree of Life’) but have a free hand in producing these works of woven art using their imaginations and the traditional design vocabulary passed down through each new generation of weavers.

This makes each Gabbeh unique and individual. Flora & Fauna design Gabbehs are also available in Amaleh and Kashkuli qualities, as well as Luribaft and Bulurbaft.

kebana 1a, Kyoto Collection, Wool

Gabbehs Landscapes

The Landscape collection is an integral part of the Zollanvari Gabbeh range. The majority are in Kashkuli quality, woven by Ghashgha’i nomads from the Fars Province, who are renowned for extremely fine carpets such as Kashkuli Bibibaff and Wasir Machsus.

With this in mind Zollanvari have turned to them for the extremely demanding production of modern Kashkuli Gabbehs. The designs and symbols used are rooted in the old Gabbeh design canon that Zollanvari have reinterpreted with a modern twist and to suit modern interiors and sensibilities.

Landscapes of my Fatherland

Gabbehs Heritage

Over the thirty years since the opening of Zollanvari AG in Zurich, Reza Zollanvari has collected the finest and most unusual old and antique Gabbehs he has been able find in Iran.

Highlights of this collection can be viewed online. For more images and information please contact Zollanvari

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