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Mar 20, 2018

Van Dyck: A Vibrant Glow Range of Carpet Tiles

Displaying an in-depth industry knowledge of growing consumer trends, Van Dyck Floors recently launched the latest ‘Glow’ and ‘Design Shapes’, commercial carpet tiles that comes in an eclectic assortment of in-demand shapes and colours.

“For the past few years, the carpet industry has been dominated by designs in more neutral shades of grey or earthy tones with a touch of bold, bright colours for lively contrast,” explained Bernd de Smedt, Sales & Marketing Director of Van Dyck Floors. “Going into 2018, there seems to be a swing towards the more vibrant shapes and colours with consumers requesting a real variety in textures and patterns for a unique look.” Constantly in tune with the ever-evolving carpeting trends, Van Dyck Floors has released a wide product offering over the years, including the more recent Neon, the Maestro Collection, Optimum Collection and the Titanium Collection. These have all been incredibly well-received, but De Smedt said there was definitely a peak in interest when it came to bright colours and varying shapes, which prompted the launch of Van Dyck Floors’ latest two ranges, Glow and Design Shapes. The ‘Glow’ range, named for the bold, statement colours, is considered a particularly fun and exciting option that encapsulates a vibrant, youthful look. Consumers can choose from any of the 10 bright colours and two neutral tones to work into whatever décor pattern is required. Customers are given even further design flexibility – in terms of varying textures and price points – with the launch of the Design Shapes. Encouraging really innovative design techniques, these carpet tiles are available in a number of shapes and sizes including plank forms (100x25cm or 50x25cm), triangles, hexagons or standard size squares (50x50cm) with the option of larger sizes (60x60cm or 100x100cm) available upon request.   An added benefit of the Design Shapes is that they are available on most of the existing Van Dyck Floors products, including the popular needle-punch ranges including Florpoint and Barcode, giving customers near-unlimited design flexibility. Both Glow and Design Spaces complement any of the other carpet tile ranges on offer, with Van Dyck Floors ready to custom-make any design for unique interior finishes. Because the ranges are manufactured on an Enduroback-modified recycled bitumen backing, Glow and Design Shapes are suitable for heavy commercial environment and the products’ lasting durability means they can be re-used for a secondary market at the end of the lifespan. “There are so many economic, environmental and functional benefits of installing carpet tiles in addition to the aesthetic appeal, convenience and enhanced design versatility,” explained De Smedt. “The bitumen backing contains no PVCs, is very low on VOCs and is highly durable, meaning the carpet tile will withstand constant use.” Van Dyck Floors is also committed to sustainable practices, evidenced by its ISO 14001 certificate, Carbon Trust certificate as well as a 40% reduction in its carbon footprint over the past four years. “Glow and Design Shapes provide an exciting new element to the current carpet tile offering in South Africa,” concluded De Smedt. “Because carpet tiles can be mixed and matched with varying colour and texture types, specified to suit any décor, we have continued to diversify our products in line with this trend and it’s already proving extremely popular.” Contact: Van Dyck

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