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Jun 23, 2018

Van Dyck: Easigrass Lives Up To Its Name

Time is in short supply and today’s homeowners live fast-paced lives with little time for priorities like family and health and exercise. It comes as no surprise, then, that most don’t have time to mow lawns, let alone trim edges, water and feed them to ensure that they look ship-shape all year round.

Trigger Truniger, national accounts manager for Easigrass South Africa, says that the very many homeowners in South Africa with large gardens and rolling lawns usually find taming their jungles hardest. However, even those managing smaller gardens and town houses, find cutting and trimming their patches is far from easy.

“Many people who initially don’t like the idea of artificial turf come around to the idea once they realise just how much of their precious time is wasted maintaining their grass. It becomes a chore rather than a pleasure. In many areas in South Africa, grass grows extremely quickly, particularly in the summer, and the person who mans the mower can be found cutting the lawn on a weekly basis,” he points out. “Expensive fertilizers are also a thing of the past.”

“All you need to do is clear the leaves off it and, occasionally, give it a quick brush and spray – or call in the experts and we can give it a makeover.”

“That could mean missing out on rugby or braai time over weekends or having to mow when you’d rather enjoy a cool glass of wine after a hard day’s work. That’s never good for a guy or girl who spends most of the week driving a desk or hurrying from meeting to meeting,” Truniger jokes.

“Also, now that the Western Cape is receiving its winter rain, with Easigrass, there will be no more mud being brought in by children and pets.”

On a more serious note, he explains that many home owners are trapped on the hamster wheel of lawn maintenance for all the right reasons – making sure that a property looks good, keeps its value and kerb appeal and that families and pets have safe and healthy places to play.

The obvious answer is to simply call in a garden services company. But, that too, comes with its challenges including making sure that someone is at home to let them in, security issues and damage to plants and property.

“The ideal is to find the perfect compromise which is what Easigrass offers,” he says.

Nowadays, aesthetics is not an issue as sophisticated design creates artificial grass that closely resembles the real thing down to the brown strands in between the green blades of grass.

Easigrass South Africa, a division of Van Dyck Floors, has developed a range of nine artificial grasses that mimic the grass varieties most commonly found in local gardens.

Moreover, according to Truniger who ran a landscaping business prior to joining Easigrass, today’s artificial grasses are perfect for shaping and curving and easily blend into the overall garden design. “In the past, artificial grass was seen as something of an artificial exterior carpet and was sold by a carpeting retailer. Nowadays, Easigrass is seen as part of a holistic gardening solution and is sold by landscapers and garden centres with plenty of experience in incorporating it into the perfect outdoor environment.”

He points out that a brand with an international pedigree, like Easigrass, provides a long-lasting quality product that is guaranteed to live up to all its promises.

“We use a geo textile weed barrier that also assists with stability as well as a premium crusher dust and silica sand infill that protects the backing of our grass from the elements and assists with cooling it once it has been lightly watered. It gives the home owner a real feel when walking on our grass and eliminates the crunching sound that has been traditionally associated with artificial grass. The recent introduction of new yarns and technology in the manufacturing process has created artificial turf that is more upright,” he explains.

But, what he enjoys most is seeing a happy customer suddenly realise that, with Easigrass, he or she can actually completely forget about mowing the lawn. “Once your new lawn is installed, you can sell your mower and stop worrying about watering. All you need to do is clear the leaves off it and, occasionally, give it a quick brush and spray – or call in the experts and we can give it a makeover.”

For those who have invested in a lock up and go lifestyle this is an even bigger plus, he says. “For the cruiser or the jet setter, a real lawn can be a pain. Whether you travel for your work or just like to go on holiday often, having a garden of natural grass is a responsibility. How terrific to close your garden door and go away knowing that, when you come home, the lawn will be green and as short as when you left. Your neighbours will love you.”

That probably explains why more and more estate and sectional title developments are now coming around to installing Easigrass.

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