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Union Tiles: Soulful Cement Applications for Striking Homes

When using cement finishes, history is recaptured and it tells old stories in a modern way, giving us a real sense of tradition. Grey is a colour that cannot be ignored it is so versatile and works with just about every other colour. With modern technology we are now privy to concrete finishes available in various colour shades, giving us more to experiment and create with.

Basement finishing in cement is a growing trend at the moment incorporating architectural greys and adding different textures and finishes to a room. However, floors, walls, countertops and vanity units are the most popular applications for the home.

Here are some exquisite finishes to add to the look:

Stucco Africote offer Stucco for interior walls, a timeless classic adding a marbled variation to any room that is also excellent in high moisture areas like bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

Skimcote C Skimcote C is a hardwearing domestic application for floors that gives a seamless contemporary finish with varied movement and a subtle choice of shades to pick from.

Cement Naturals

Cement Naturals is a cementitious paint that just gets better with age and exposure to the earth’s elements, capturing history right in your home.

Roman Plaster Roman Plaster is a strong interior and exterior plaster with a cosmetic marbled variation that withstands the test of time.

Chemstain Chemstain is a stain applied to a Africote self-levelling screed called Hardcote and because of the surface variations and chemical makeup and environmental conditions, it gives a unique outcome every time! Africote is continuously striving to keep abreast with the latest technologies and ahead in trends and design. Contact: Union Tiles

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