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Apr 7, 2018

Traviata’s Firm Fit: A Floor For When Life Happens

Finally, it’s here – a floor for your home that’s fit for when life happens! Imagine a floor that’s waterproof, pet-friendly, highly scratch resistant and can be used in any room in the house – even in direct sunlight. It’s called Firm Fit from Traviata Flooring.

With Firm Fit the magic is in the make-up! The limestone-based core imparts features and benefits long sought after in LVT flooring. The core is twice as stable as normal LVT and three times more rigid. What this means is that it can be laid in areas of 400m2 without the need for expansion joints, can be laid in direct sunlight and will never peak or telegraph sub-floor imperfections.

The high-density core also means that it has ten times the impact resistance of e.g. a WPC floor and can withstand three times the static load. Added benefits include that the joint strength is greatly enhanced and sub-floor preparation is not as critical as with other LVT products.

Either side of the core is a quartz-enhanced Urethane wear layer which is highly scratch and scuff resistant and a cork backer for added comfort and sound reduction. Add to this a deep structured decorative layer and you have the look and feel of a premium hardwood floor that is “Fit for Life”.

Firm Fit contains no plasticisers, no Ortho Phthalates or other harmful substances, is 100% recyclable and conforms to all European standards for emissions and indoor air quality.

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