Tile Africa: Turn Your Home into a Summer Home

Open plan living continues to dominate design trends with particular focus on seamless transitions between different areas of the home. In South Africa, with the wonderful Summer weather that we enjoy, a merging of indoor and outdoor spaces is especially popular.

Blurring the lines between these two spaces is most easily achieved by using the same flooring in the living areas through to the outside patio or deck area. Tile Africa give tips on how to take advantage of this design trend and create a harmonious flow in your home.

Tile Africa GEO Stone Collection

Flowing Flooring

Ideally, the floor levels should be at the same height between lounge and patio or outdoor areas This allows for a seamless continuation of the space from one area to the next. Highlight this flow by using a tile that offers different surface finishes or different sizes with the same pattern. For example, wood-look tile flowing out to a wooden deck or using the same tile in different finishes such as a matt or glossy indoor and a slip-resistant finish outdoors.

A slip-resistant tile is very important for outdoor areas where the kids are running with wet feet, or where the area is exposed to rain.

Seamless open plan living

Elongated walls

Match interior and exterior spaces further by using wall coverings to further create the illusion that indoor and outdoor areas are one space. The use of a cut mosaic or décor tile as a feature wall links the two spaces, similarly wall cladding brings the outdoors in.

Johnson Tiles Rettangolo collection from Tile Africa.

Seamless living

Create the look with the recently launched Signature Collection from Tile Africa. This collection is a first of its kind in South Africa, offering a hard body tile with three different surface finishes namely a matt, gloss and slip-resistant finish, and in two different sizes for a versatile and modular range. Their design experts advise using the matt or glossy finish indoors and the slip-resistant finish for exposed outdoor areas. The range also includes a matching cut décor mosaic to create your personal look.

Back Signature Collection from Tile Africa

Remember that ceramic tiles can only be outdoors if they are under cover, like on a covered patio. Rather choose a hard body or porcelain tile for exposed outdoor areas around the pool or braai area. Similarly, the tile adhesive and grout should be modified with a latex additive to accommodate movement in the tiles from being exposed to the elements.

Visit Tile Africa and make your home into a holiday home with Summer specials just for you. On from 27 September to 23 December 2018, while stocks last.

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