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Flowcrete Launches The Multicolor Stoneface Range of Wall Coatings

Flowcrete Asia has launched a brand-new, one-of-a-kind wall coatings range that allows designers to easily create natural stone textures without the labour, hassle and costs of installing the real thing.

The Multicolor Stoneface range is unlike standard homogenous wall coatings, as it contains a variety of coloured liquid beads within the system’s resin matrix that forms a consistent, multi-coloured pattern when sprayed onto a surface. This combination of innovative formulation and spraying technique is able to emulate a range of natural aesthetics and textures including granite and marble. 

In fact, there are no other stone-style spray coatings available to the market that can replicate both the look and feel of granite, making it the only way to achieve this appearance without having to resort to heavy and costly granite blocks.

The system’s granular pattern is formed without using aggregates, filler or minerals and can be applied onto all types of building facades, such as cementitious masonry, wood, glass, plastic and metal such as aluminium cladding, EIFS board, precast panels, moulding elements etc. For refurbishment projects, the Multicolor Stoneface® coating can even be sprayed onto old concrete, ceramic tile, granite or marble that has been previously painted. 

With an unlimited colour pallet to choose from, it is possible to match the coating to whatever colour the client desires. This design potential means that the coating can be made to portray the exact shade of stone necessary for the project, either to blend seamlessly with other materials or alternatively to provide an eye-catching contrast and visual effect. 

As well as its colour, the coating’s consistency can be easily tailored to specific requirements, as Multicolor Stoneface® can be applied anywhere from a 300 micron flat finish up to a 2mm textured finish.

The versatility of this system means that not only can it be used to create attractive exteriors but it is also ideal for beautifying the walls of internal areas such as walkways and reception areas. Being easy to clean, a Multicolor Stoneface® surface is both a decorative and functional option for internal spaces, as it means that unwanted blemishes or stains can be quickly washed away to maintain a fresh and welcoming appearance. 

Flowcrete Asia is able to provide the Multicolor Stoneface® range to the Southeast Asian construction market thanks to a collaboration with the Taiwan-based polymer coatings and construction chemicals specialists Cathay Coatings, which pioneered this resin wall coating solution.

Desmond Sin, the Managing Director of Flowcrete Asia, said: “We’re really excited to be working with Cathay Coatings on providing the Multicolor Stoneface® range to construction industry professionals across Southeast Asia. This spray-on wall coating is the perfect way to make interior and exterior walls look like high-end stone finishes but without having to worry about the problems that go hand in hand with these natural materials. 

“Adding this range to our product offering makes Flowcrete Asia even more of an indispensable, go-to partner for large-scale construction projects. Now, developers, contractors and architects can source a wider variety of the state-of-the-art building materials they need for their building projects, all from one place and from one supplier.” 

Multicolor Stoneface®’s fast and economic air spray application means that it can be applied within a very tight turnaround. When combined with its light weight nature and low material consumption, it’s obvious to see how projects can easily save on time and money as well as crucial architectural concerns such as weight and space.

Building developers can rest assured that a Multicolor Stoneface® coating will retain its visual properties for an extended period of time, as it is able to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements thanks to its superior in-built resistance to UV rays, weathering, freeze-thaw conditions, heavy rain as well as both low and high temperatures. Its waterproof undercoat also acts as a waterproofing and crack bridging layer to further protect the coating and the underlying structure. 

To add further value to a building, Multicolor Stoneface is a sustainable option for green building projects, as it is water based, odourless and non-toxic. 

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