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Flowcrete Introduces Glow in the Dark Floors

Flowcrete Asia lights up the international flooring stage with new resin floors that glow in the dark. A fun and innovative product that continues to leave their mark in the industry of flooring design. 

Flowcrete Asia remains on the cutting-edge of international flooring design, and has launched two innovative, glow-in-the-dark resin flooring systems that have been designed to deliver unparalleled aesthetics as well as a unique health and safety benefit. These are called the Flowfast Glow and Flowflake Glow which give the floor area a dynamic visual edge thanks to the self-luminous flakes broadcast over a pigmented resin base. These multi-faceted products can be utilised in a variety of ways, for example commercial locations can create dazzling, phosphorescent floors that glitter underfoot while industrial locations can employ these systems as critical safety signage that lights the way during power cuts. Managing Director of Flowcrete South East Asia, Desmond Sin, said: “Our glow-in-the-dark floors provide architects and interior designers with a one-of-a-kind visual impact that can be utilised for both decorative and safety purposes. “For venues such as nightclubs, bars, stadiums and designer outlets, these new systems allow for artistic and exciting surfaces with an original twist that really set the venue apart.

In addition, the design potential and bright nature of the floors also means that industrial facilities can install important signage into the coating that will guide people to exits or around hazards in the event of an emergency that turns off the lights.” The self-luminous flakes work by storing energy when exposed to light and then releasing it in the dark as a vivid, neon green tinged illumination across the floor. Adding the luminous flakes into a hard wearing resin coating means that designers can rest assured the floor won’t deteriorate when exposed to even the most challenging conditions. The robust formulation of these systems protects the floor from abrasions, impacts and corrosives – safeguarding the surface against everything from high heels and spilled drinks to heavy pallets and forklift truck traffic.

The seamless nature of both Flowflake Glow and Flowfast Glow helps to keep the floor clean and clear, making sure that the site is hygienic and that the floor’s glow isn’t affected by unwanted contaminants stubbornly sticking to the finish. Flowfast Glow has an exceptionally fast curing time thanks to the methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin technology. In fact, this system can be ready to use in as little as 2-3 hours after installation, cutting down significantly on construction schedules and even making it possible to refurbish a venue’s floor overnight!

For more about the work of Flowcrete in South Africa visit www.flowcretesa.co.za.

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