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A Bold, Magical Interior with Cemcrete & Patrick Mavros

To complement the high-end jewellery and exclusivity that sets apart the prestigious brand at Patrick Mavros, the Mauritius store called upon the experts at Cemcrete to complete the latest layout and retail floor design.

For the floors, CreteCote was used which is a coloured, thin film cement-based floor covering that is versatile and durable. It is a two coat system which produces a 1.6mm smooth decorative finish ideal for internal domestic renovations and retail spaces. Comes complete with powder and catalyst as a twin pack.

The Cemtech applications used in-store ensured innovation and the latest in cement finishes to add to the high-end retail space.

We love the lightness that the choice of flooring brings to this retail store. It feels earthy and natural and underscores the brand’s vision of detail and raw beauty.

Marrying intricate craftsmanship with an intrepid family heritage, the Mavros’ have not only designed some of the most extraordinary creations in Africa but have also created around them an environment just as magical and bold.

The Patrick Mavros brand was founded 35 years ago when the then-soldier, Patrick, carved a pair of earrings for his wife, Catja. She wore them to the hair salon, where the hairdresser fell in love with them and instantly requested a pair for herself.

From this loving gift, the business was born into what is recognised today as a uniquely African and distinctively exotic, luxury brand. The Mavros sons, Alexander, Forbes, Patrick Jnr and Benjamin are also all passionately involved in the business.

From day one the boys were engrossed in the workshop, experimenting with materials and designs: starting with heavy rough-hewn rock crystals they dug up from the farm, suspended them from fishing line for their adoring and patient mother to wear!

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