Rocco Tile: Your Guide to Bathroom Floors

The bathroom is often the trickiest room in the house to design and decorate. Not only a place of functional cleansing, a bathroom also comes with certain issues related to humidity, wet surfaces and grime build-up. We share some great tips for selecting bathroom floors that will stand the test of time.

Carpets, laminate flooring or wood are simply not always the ideal option in a bathroom, as these flooring options do not always handle humidity and water spillage very well. Carpets may rot, laminates may buckle and wood, if untreated, may begin to discolour and disintegrate.

You need a flooring solution that is both hard-wearing and waterproof so that these will not damage in the bathroom. Tiles are often the most convenient and affordable option. With so many available styles, colours and sizes, you can choose a tile to suit you.

Stone flooring

If you’re going for an earthy, urban ambience in the bathroom, then a natural stone look is a great addition to your floors. Gorgeous stone will give you the colour and natural feel to create a zen-like retreat, and add to the visual appeal of a modern bathroom. Waterproof, durable and stylish, slate, limestone or granite tiles will give a bathroom a luxurious finish.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles

These are often the more cost-effective option. Easy to clean and maintain, a gorgeous porcelain or ceramic tiled floor is ideal in a bathroom. It is hygienic and hardwearing and a great flooring solution.

Wood-look tiles

Nothing beats the look and feel of wood. In the bathroom, you can get the look with beautiful wood-look tiles to add visual appeal to your bathroom. With so many styles available you can pick a wood tone to emulate the real thing and bring a natural, fresh ambience to your space.

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