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Oct 4, 2018

Recreation Club Refurbishes Floors and Pillars with Flowcrete Asia

The Sasol Recreation Club in Secunda has worked with Flowcrete Africa to revitalise its conferencing facility with a luxury floor finish and a one-of-kind coating for its interior pillars.

The venue wanted to transform its large conferencing area into a high-end environment that would provide guests and delegates with a visually impressive, clean and contemporary space in which to talk, work and present.

However, the chosen materials would have to maintain its aesthetics when faced with the site’s busy day-to-day conditions. To achieve this, a decorative system was required that would be able to withstand heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning and all the impacts, scuffs, scratches and scrapes inherent to a busy conferencing facility.

To create a floor finish up to the task at hand, 1,000 m2 of the seamless epoxy terrazzo system Mondéco Earth was applied in a crisp white Snow colour. The Mondéco Earth coating was ideal for the club’s requirements, as it portrays a modern, minimalist appearance while simultaneously providing all the functionalities necessary within a large-scale commercial venue.

Sasol Recreation Club’s new interior design scheme is predominantly bright white with touches of black, which is illustrated by the white walls, ceiling tiles and floor which are punctuated by ornate black chandeliers and black furniture. Mondéco Earth in Snow perfectly matches this stylistic choice thanks to its white backdrop with black aggregates sprinkled throughout to dapple the floor area with small dark dots.

Being seamless, level and impervious, resin terrazzo systems can be cleaned very quickly and easily, ensuring that any dirt or contaminants are rapidly removed. This type of resin flooring is also exceptionally robust and so is able to retain both its aesthetic and operational properties for an extended period of time.

The same specification was applied in the venue’s canteen area, where it would be subjected to spillages of hot food and drink, potentially corrosive acids and sugars as well as wheeled catering equipment. Thanks to its durability, the Sasol Recreation Club knew that its new floor finish would even be able to withstand these challenges with ease.

In addition to its Mondéco Earth floor, the Sasol Recreation Club also utilised Flowcrete Africa’s Peran STB system in a highly unique manner. The decorative epoxy coating, which is made of colour stable quartz granules sealed within a clear resin binder, was installed as coved skirting and was even vertically applied onto the building’s pillars!

The colour Sandstone was chosen for the pillars and coving as it complements the white Mondéco Earth floor while providing a pleasant visual contrast to the surrounding black and white tones.

In addition to there being a subtle border around the white floor, the coving also provides a useful practical advantage, as it avoids unwanted substances getting stuck in the gap between the wall and the floor.

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