Let’s Talk Tile Trends in The Kitchen with Maharani Tiles

2019 sees the latest trends in interior design surfacing in unexpected places. We hear from the professionals behind Maharani Tiles about what to expect in terms of tile trends in the kitchen for the seasons ahead.

1. What are the most popular wall tiles for kitchens right now?

2019 brings us several kitchen tiles trends, but only a few that are really ‘cooking’. Cement, décor and marble tiles remain a hot trend. White, sand, beige and light greys are examples of a clean looking colour tile for the kitchen floor.

Complimented with a subway or décor tile as a splash back on the walls, these will give your kitchen that overall elegant trending look. Décor tiles are once again becoming sought after, allowing designers to really flex their creative muscle in showcasing a feature wall as a simple but elegant splash back.

2. What do wall tiles add to a kitchen space in terms of design?

Designer kitchen splashbacks are making a great comeback. The wall splashback area works well as a design feature that is integral to the overall aesthetic of a designer kitchen. Because of this, choices for the splashback are often decor pieces, marble slabs with busy veins, even ceramic printed tiles. Splashbacks are certainly no longer limited to simple mosaics. Creativity is now at your fingertips.

3. What are some of the kitchen tile trends you feel home owners will be embracing this year and why?

Most people are used to neutral (white, grey or beige) colours, but nowadays tiles and décor tiles are available in almost any desired colour. A splashback in 2019 will see a lot more colour, and a lot more area coverage with some splashback being taken as high as the ceiling for a bold, expressive finish. It will not just be a protective surface; it will be a piece of art.

4. What should we know about the patterned cement tile trend before committing to the look?

The trend of patterned cement tiles takes us back quite a few decades and brings a classic vintage look to any kitchen. They are absolutely beautiful and give a classy Mediterranean finish. One finds them commonplace throughout Europe. Caution should be taken when using cheaper versions as they can be inconsistent in size, but most modern-made patterned cement tiles can be used with confidence due to more updated manufacturing methods. These tiles should preferably also only be used on feature walls, as they can become very busy very quickly.

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