KBAC: Bolon Brings Exciting Diversity to Flooring

Diversity, the acclaimed Swedish flooring producer Bolon’s 2019 collection, celebrates variation, participation and inspiration.

Bolon Diversity Bling Amber
Bolon Diversity Bling Amber

KBAC Flooring, currently celebrating 50 years of operations, is the sole SA distributor of Bolon.

The Bolon Diversity collection includes three different patterns: Bling, Buzz and Bouquet, and comes in a total of 12 colourways. Diversity’s flowing expression binds the three designs together, even although the patterns vary. Given the collection’s carefully considered family of colours, Bling, Buzz and Bouquet can effortlessly and attractively be combined.

Bolon StudioTiles Link Diversity

The three designs are available in four base colours – grey, beige, brown or black – into which a selection of vibrant earthy hues, such as terracotta, aquamarine and pine green, have been woven in Bolon’s jacquard looms.

Bling’s twisted, chain link pattern is large in scale and bold in execution, and is available in roll form in three colourways. Bouquet’s floral motifs is inspired by a watercolour painting and features a melange of colour and gloss threads. It is available in two colourways. Available in seven colourways, Buzz is softer and more modest with a textile-like appearance with a slight shimmer and comfortably covers large areas.

Bolon Diversity Bouquet Blush

Both Buzz and Bouquet are available in roll form and as 50cm by 50cm tiles.

“Diversity is a much-anticipated addition to Bolon’s portfolio. The collection creates opportunities to play with the patterns and give different floor areas of a hotel or office space a distinctive look without compromising on the overall impression,” says Marie Eklund, Bolon’s CEO.

Now under the leadership of its third generation, Bolon celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. The family business – run by sisters Annica and Marie Eklund – has evolved and grown from a traditional weaving mill into an international design brand with clients such as Armani, Google, Four Seasons Hotels, Chanel, Adidas, Apple and Missoni.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Bolon designs and manufactures all its products at a facility in Ulricehamn in Sweden.

Bolon Diversity Buzz Spice Bling Garnet Close.

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