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May 19, 2017

Ingenious Floor Display by Rebtex and Heather Boting

After five years as a Décor Stylist at one of South Africa’s leading Décor and Lifestyle magazines, House and Leisure, Heather Boting ventured on her own to start an Interior Styling and Visual Consultancy at the end of 2015.

Now… Beautiful products, homes, meetings and continuing relationships with friends and people across the décor and fashion industry are all in a day’s work for Heather Boting. Part of her business includes styling for businesses – an opportunity that opened the door to contributing to the Rebtex Stand at Design Joburg for 2017. We here from Heather about her involvement in this exciting initiative: “The process to assisting Rebtex happened organically while having a casual catch up and meeting with Dian, the Marketing and Sales Director at Rebtex. “I was extremely excited to be involved and started visualizing all sorts of ideas with their natural product. While the brief changed slightly to include and launch their brand new and highly anticipated vinyl flooring, I consulted Deputy Editor of Visi magazine, Annemarie Meintjes, for further advice and brainstorming.

“Our ideas eventually boiled down to wanting to create a “Gallery” setting to showcase the various flooring. This simple and striking idea would be a completely new way of displaying flooring and something Rebtex had never done before. “I was inspired by all the transparency being seen at the overseas design shows and the idea of playing with simple elements such as glass, natural fibers and concrete. I liked the idea of creating a perceptual space for customers to walk onto the platform and be intrigued to touch the flooring on both sides while they were floating on a glass sheet.

The spotlights from below just enhanced the different texture each individual flooring had which I was very excited about. “While the creative process took time and some convincing, the final display certainly paid off. The responses from customers and clients have been overwhelming and I hope this sheds some exciting new light to the wonderful team at Rebtex on what their product development has in store for the future.”

For more great developments visit www.rebtexrsa.com or contact Heather at www.heatherboting.com.

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