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Jan 20, 2018

Hard Core Flooring

For some years now, Interlocking Vinyl Flooring has been making great strides in the industry worldwide.  While Vinyl Flooring is not a new science, what keeps it at the forefront is the speed at which technological advances continue to take place. The latest trend is toward composite or “rigid core” planks and tiles and away from the solid vinyl format.  These new materials result in lighter, more rigid products and as a result there are a number of benefits which accrue.   Firstly and perhaps most significant is the fact that the boards are far more stable than their predecessors.  They can be installed in direct sunlight, can be installed in areas of 30m by 30m without the need for expansion joints (in ideal circumstances this can be exceeded) and are happy to operate in temperatures from 3 to 50 deg. C. Aesthetically this allows for seamless installations and also avoids the need for installing profiles between e.g. rooms and passages.

A second benefit of the rigid board is that it is much more forgiving in terms of screed preparation. Telegraphing from rough screeds or when installing over old tiled surfaces is now a thing of the past. From a production perspective, the rigid board allows for the factory application of sound mitigating backers directly onto the planks thus eliminating the need for underlays.  It also allows for the introduction of “Top Lock” systems on the short ends which both speeds up installation and gives enhanced joint strength.

In line with these new advances, Traviata Flooring announces the introduction of two all new ranges. “Firm-Fit” is a 4mm “Rigid Core Board” with a 0,3mm wear layer and a Cork sound reducing backer.  This range is ideal for all residential and light commercial installations. “IsoCore – Classic” is a 6,5mm board using the well-established IsoCore method.  It has a 0,5mm wear layer and a factory applied IXPE foam backer.

The backer greatly reduces both transferred and drum noise and has the added benefit of giving a warmer, softer feel under foot. IsoCore Classic is ideal for use in all commercial, hospitality, retail, medical and residential applications. These two new ranges each offer eight interesting new patterns. The well-known IsoCore XL range remains unchanged with its larger format boards being well suited to bigger commercial projects.

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