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Jul 7, 2019

Flowcrete Flooring Installed in the Heart of Pretoria Arena

Heartfelt Arena works with Flowcrete South Africa to find a wear resistant and durable floor coating for its events venue.

Being the largest four star indoor event location in South Africa, the Heartfelt Arena comprises of eight venues, with the ability to host 4,000 guests in a cinema setting, 1,800 in a banquet setting and 8,000 guests standing.

After suffering from fire damage, the venue required a refurbishment, starting with the flooring and Flowcrete South Africa was called upon for expertise.

With a vast venue comes huge flexibility in terms of what the space is used for, meaning that the venue can change from hosting a music concert with extremely high footfall to an exam hall with specifically spaced out chairs and tables overnight.

It is because of this that the arena needed a flooring solution that was versatile, easy to clean and extremely hard wearing.

Whilst there are many resin flooring systems that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable, FlowSport from Flowcrete South Africa was the chosen system for the venue hall.

FlowSport is a composite surface, designed and fabricated by Flowcrete South Africa to provide a vibrant and flexible surface for use in indoor sports and events venues.

The material, installed over the 3,600 m2 area, provides a hardwearing, abrasion resistant and seamless finish that maintains a cushioned effect underfoot so as to take impacts in its stride.

This was particularly pertinent to Heartfelt Arena, as dragging, dropping or wheeling furniture around on a regular basis would certainly take its toll on lesser floors.

Luckily, the joint free nature of the surface material also means that the floor can be quickly cleaned, with no joints or gaps in the floor where dirt or germs could hide. As well as being much more hygienic, accidental slips and trips over uneven joints can be avoided.

Interestingly, the cushioned and flexible coating provided by Flowcrete South Africa also helps with acoustics, meaning that the various music concerts hosted within the space would also benefit from the flooring.

FlowSport was chosen in Mid-Grey for the venue, helping to maintain a neutral base for the space, allowing for the various guests and event planners to use the area to its full potential.

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