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Jul 25, 2019

FloorworX Introduces A New Vinyl Stick Down Range of Flooring

Aren’t we as humans such interesting creatures? Amongst all the races, religions and cultures, one simple habit is common to all of us… that of looking forward to the future. And in most instances it is looking forward to something exciting that the future promises.

Think about it. When it is winter, we can’t wait for summer. When it is the start of a new year, we can’t wait for a vacation break. We are constantly looking ahead and hoping for a brighter future.

At Floorworx, the team are eagerly feeding this habit and giving you something special to look forward to. The new Floorworx Maison RSA stick down range…

Maison RSA is a Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) stick down collection which offers a cost effective flooring solution for the residential and light commercial market. Maison RSA LVPs have micro bevelled edges and are 228.60mm x 1.219.20mm x 2.00mm thick with a 0.30mm wear layer.

The range of 6 selected colours can be installed in conjunction with underfloor heating. In addition to the 2mm Maison RSA LVPs, FloorworX offers customers the opportunity to acquire anyone of the 6 selected colours in a 4mm rigid SPC Click plank.

Maison RSA SPC Click is 228.60mm x 1.219.20 x 5.0mm thick with a 0.3mm wear layer. This range has a IXPE backing which provides resilience, standard shock absorption or sound insulation.

There is no doubt that you can certainly get excited and look forward to this fabulous range of flooring from Floorworx. 

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