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Tile Africa: Tips & Tricks For Small Spaces

Autumn heralds the coming of Winter, and that we’ll soon be spending more time indoors. If you feel that your home is just too constricted and there isn’t even enough room to change your mind, we’ve got some tricks and tips to help you make your small spaces look bigger, with advice from Tile Africa.

Blurring lines between wall and floor

In bathrooms and kitchens, using the same tiles on the wall and floor in different shades and sizes, helps to the blur the lines and create space. Use paint that tones with your flooring to create the same effect in other areas of the home.

Show more floor to create space Tile Africa

Show more floor to create space Tile Africa

Keeping furniture off the floor

Mounting furniture onto the walls and keeping the floor clear creates the impression of space, as the floor extends beyond the bottom of your furniture. In the living room or lounge, use wall-mounted TV units, or ones with slim-line legs to show more of the floor. Similarly, in the kitchen install wall-mounted cabinets or islands with greater overhang to hide the base unit.


Wall-mounted basins_Tile Africa.

Wall-mounted basins_Tile Africa.

There are a variety of wall mounted vanities, basins and toilets to creates the same effect in the bathroom. The theory is that the more floor that you can see, your mind perceives as more space in the room.

Storage options in bathrooms Tile Africa

Keep it clear of clutter

When there’s too much stuff in the space, the smaller it looks. Use furniture with built-in storage to keep clutter to a minimum. In really small spaces, floating shelves can give much needed storage without taking up floor space. Look at where there is dead space which can be better used, such as the wall above the bath, the toilet, or in the corners of the room.

Mirrors bring in the light_Tile Africa

Let in the light

Adding a mirror to a small space, brings in light making it feel bigger and brighter. A large mirror which reflects most of the room can make it look twice as large, adding dimension to the space.

So there really is no need to start shopping for a larger home just yet. Use these tricks and tips to create the perfect space to cozy up in this Winter, with room to breathe! For more design inspiration, take the Tile Africa Style Quiz.

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