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Four of The Hottest Tile Trends of 2018

From beautiful matte finishes to gorgeous patterns and geometrics, we are seeing quite a few trending tile installations making a mark in the world of interior design in 2018. With so many beautiful options on the market, you truly have free reign in creating a majestic tile installation to suit your space.

Here we share just a few of the hottest tile trends of the year:

Matte is Here To Stay

Instead of conventional high-sheen or glossy tiles, beautiful matte tiles are on trend. We love the versatility of matte tiles that can work to complement a variety of design schemes, from a modern kitchen or bathroom floor to a statement backsplash or feature wall. If you’re looking for understated elegance, then the matte tile trend is the perfect choice!

Shape matters

Besides the colours, patterns and grains of tiles available today, we are also loving the trend of different shapes in creating a truly unique tiled space. Think hexagonal shaped tiles for added drama in your interior, or perhaps a different geometric shape for that special area at home – from the shower floor to a striking backsplash above the kitchen sink!

Wood grain is still hot

We are loving the wood-look in a modern bathroom or living space. Wood-look tiles give off the depth of natural wood, but are much more easy to clean and maintain. The feel of wood but the durability of tile – it’s a winning finish in any space. Instead of conventional areas such as a bathroom or kitchen, why not create a feature wall tiled in a wood-grain finish for a truly magical ambience in your home!

Textured tiles

Add variation, colour depth, and surface interest in any area of the home by incorporating textured tiles. Textures can appear subtle or pronounced depending on the material used, finish applied, and the colour desired. This category comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles which can be combined into endless combinations for a one of a kind space.

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