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Ferreiras: How To Choose The Right Finish For Your Bedroom Floor

With winter upon us, we wanted to tackle an age-old issue regarding floors and the right choice for your bedroom. We asked the professionals from Ferreiras to help us determine the best options that will stand the test of time, no matter the season we are in.


When it comes to bedroom floors, the answer always seems to navigate towards carpet or laminate, but we would like you to consider the option of tiles. Particularly Wood Look tiles.

The pros of Wood Look Tiles, include being eco-friendly; more hygienic; easy to clean; maintenance free; long lasting and “water friendly”. (Water will not damage the product; cause it to mould / rot or swell).

If you have an en-suite bathroom you can now seamlessly transition the floor from one room to the next.

However, the one deciding factor that sways the client is that tiles are “cold”.

So here are a few things to consider regarding the cold factor:

The most obvious, we live in Africa, 75% of the time we are trying to keep cool. Don’t want to climb out of bed onto a cold floor? Add a statement rug, adding warmth and texture to your space that you can easily change / update with the trends.

Install underfloor heating – you can go the solar route to lower your carbon footprint and reduce electricity costs. Also, make use of blinds and curtains, the additional layer on your windows will help insulate the space better, and it looks good.

From Ferreiras, we recommend the following trendy Wood Look Tiles – Marazzi; Treverkage; Brown; 100x700mm @ R 470.00 including vat per m2.

Marazzi Treverkage Bedroom Inspiration

The Treverkage collections have moods that sum up a contemporary lifestyle. Experience the expressive power of timeless patterns and colour variations in restrained, elegant interiors where clear, fine lines interact with contrasts and flavours of everyday life.

Marble Look Tile Marazzi

Marble Look Tile – Marazzi; Preview; Grey Lux; 580x580mm @ R 575.00 including vat per m2.

The Preview collection gathers inspiration from marble and stone to create a profoundly natural effect ideal for countless compositions solutions.

Example of Decor Mosaic – Earth | Douglas Jones

DJ 5905 Décor Mosaic – Douglas Jones; Mirage; Earth; 300x300mm @ R 287.50 including vat per sheet.

For more great options contact Ferreiras.

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