FinFloor: First Impressions Count

FinFloor is excited to share with you their beautiful newly designed and updated swatches and stands – to better showcase their full offering of striking flooring solutions that are both visually striking and functional.

This year all the FinFloor swatches will be wrapped around box swatches. These are perfect to place within an architect’s library or take to a client to showcase the array of premium products. These swatches have already arrived and are leaving the warehouse faster than FinFloor can stock them. New FinFloor stands are not as high as the previous versions and show more of the plank details. Planks are joined so the v-groove is now showcased and highlights the laying pattern. The branding is in the front of the stand and stand dimensions are as follows: 550mm(w) x 830mm(l) x1590mm(h).

FinFloor imports premium-flooring products from reputable suppliers First established in 1996, FinFloor has been importing its Laminate Flooring from the same factories ever since. With a proven track record for supplying quality flooring, they have grown their ranges and diversified their product offering to include Solid Wood Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Natural wood is one of the most adaptable and design friendly finishes that you can have in your home or office, which is why it is FinFloor’s aim to continue to bring you technologically innovative wooden flooring solutions to beautify your living spaces. In order to do this, the company is committed to the sustainable sourcing of natural wood. Not only do they have a responsibility to customers, but they also have a responsibility to the environment. Correctly sourced wood is one of the most renewable resources known to man. Inspired by nature, FinFloor’s flooring uses the skill of man to create a product that is environmentally friendly, long lasting and safe for you and your family. For more visit FinFloor.


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