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Jul 19, 2017

Find your perfect floor with Lalegno’s 4 bestsellers

Create the home you have always dreamed of with Lalegno’s top picks for must-have trending styles.

1. All of Super Narrow or Super Wide

Do you dare to opt for sleek and modern? Then the look of narrow wooden strips might be the trend where you melt for. The Lalegno 15-FINE LINE-white oil , for example, is such a dynamic floor, which is beautifully reflected in loft interiors and modernist living rooms, but also is often chosen as an eye-catcher in a design environment.

Architects and interior designers are invariably won for parquet. But the other extreme is equally impressive: extremely long and wide planks eyes fantastic large impressive spaces. Very wide or long parquet could not previously because the massive variety of flooring in large size is difficult to keep stable. Fortunately Lalegno, offering thanks to the ingenious design of its multilayer parquet floorboards of trouble now 320mm wide and up to four meters long ( 20-CLASSIC-320-BRUT-SL ). 2. White and Grey tones: The look of Scandinavian Design

Light floors in many variations of white, beige and grey are trendy for some years. This development runs almost parallel with the persistence and flourishing interest in Scandinavian interiors. Their sleek design, warm colors and natural materials give your home a modern look without feeling chilly, and the thought is apparently particularly popular.

Wood is one of those natural materials that they are well stocked in the far north and like to use. Therefore parquet also so typical of Scandinavian style. The finish is often done in a natural oil or stain so that the wood is pale color is preserved. Lalegno has a nice assortment pale floors in sustainable oak to the clean lines and a minimalist design Scandinavian design pay homage. More tips on interior flooring that matches the Scandinavian style, read here 3. Natural Oak look

No Lalegno finish it is doing better than the RIESLING , the perfect combination of subtle and sublime. Subtle is the parquet its beautiful color, with beautiful light shades of freshly sawn oak. Sublime, this floor by the matte wear layer in a protective varnish which guarantees very easy maintenance. The 15th-ABC-189 RIESLING-B is doing so well that our designers came up with a novel twist this year: 10-2-HOME-189 RIESLING-B , a thinner alternative that is very useful when you for the placement have a limited construction height available, ideal for renovations. 4. Walnut – if you want something different

The floor should stand out and get attention. With his expressive drawings and wood beautiful color variations walnut catches the eye. The color is a deep chocolate brown which is generally very much appreciated and brings a modern and stylish ambiance in the room. If you opt for the 15-WALNUT-189 BRUT , then you will get one of the finest and most luxurious prosecutors at home that you will enjoy for many years.

To find out more about the amazing flooring trends you can find at Lalegno, visit them at www.lalegno.co.za

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