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May 19, 2018

Designing Luxurious, Warm & Functional Interiors with Lalegno

There is no question that the type of floor covering in your home greatly impacts on the comfort level of any room, especially in winter. Living in a house with icy cold floors during the winter months is not a pleasant experience by any means and with rising energy costs and the impact electricity usage has on the environment, simply increasing the amount of heating to combat cold floors and interiors, is not desirable.

Compared to tiles and vinyl, real wooden floors are not only warmer to the touch, they offer more natural looking finishes, are as easy to clean and last a lifetime. Some types of hardwood floors, like the Lalegno range of engineered oak flooring with their MultiCoat finishes, are completely maintenance free doing away with specially formulated cleaners and maintenance oils as is required with some older forms of traditional hardwood flooring raises.

While engineered oak flooring is a relatively new addition to the South African flooring market, it is fast becoming the preferred choice by designers and architects wishing to create contemporary interiors with a flooring solution that is not only affordable, but one that offers natural, authentic finishes, and one that will last.

Now you can design a luxurious, warm and functional interior thanks to Lalegno engineered hardwood flooring.

Lalegno South Africa offers a big range of engineered oak flooring which is available in a multitude of finishes, colours, and designs and is now available countrywide. With their advanced coating technology and FSC Certified range of eco-friendly engineered wood products that adhere to CE standards, Lalegno is certainly one of the leaders in the industry.

For more information and to find out about the latest flooring trends, visit Lalegno South Africa.


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