Ceragran – Luxury & Elegance in Every Tile

Tiles can be used in every room – and will certainly add class and style to your favourite spaces. Ceragran are in the business of providing luxury and elegance in every tile. They offer some of the world’s most beautiful and exclusive brands of tiles, imported from around the globe by leading international suppliers.

Not only is Ceragran the supplier of choice for many of South Africa’s leading architects and contractors, but their exclusive range of designer products are available for home or small developments as well. You can visit a showroom in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town and access expert advice and guidance for your ideal tiling installation.

From floors, walls and even niche areas, tiles are often the go-to material of choice. You can’t go wrong with durable, bold and timeless tiling options to elevate your home. Ceragran can help to point you in the right direction with advice on selection, installation and maintenance, all designed to give you the professional result you are looking for, no matter the size of your project.

A little history…

As part of the Ohlhorst Group of companies, one of the leading commercial tiling and plastering suppliers in South Africa, Ceragran was established in 1994 and have since positioned themselves as an industry leader in the supply of wall and floor tiles. They certainly are the supplier of choice for many of the country’s leading architects and contractors, as well as selling direct to the public.

Ceragran’s range of ceramic and porcelain tiles originate exclusively from Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Malaysia, Germany and Brazil, the top producers of these tiles in the world. They are also able to offer the local market access to marble and granite tiles and construction slabs from these countries.

Bring elegance and luxury home in every tile… with Ceragran.


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