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Voke Rugs – Texture, Comfort & Value For Your Home

When it comes to rugs, inside or outside your home, Voke Rugs offer a tightly edited collection of rugs which is an expression of real value.

We are delighted to bring you Voke’s latest and greatest collection of rugs, the first one they’ve designed specifically for the South African market. Each piece has been considered with care, and made with love from the best hands in the industry to deliver a distinctive quality. The beauty of this collection comes from the variety of textures, comfort, value, functionality and of course design. There’s no doubt that you will pick up on the modern African feels of bold patterns, rich textures and earthy tones. Take your time scrolling through and finding the perfect rug(s) for your home.

Here we share six designs to enhance your space. The emphasis here is on texture, quality and versatility – all captured in our six favourite Voke rugs…

More about Voke Rugs:

Fuelled by an uncontainable curiosity, Voke Rugs is devoted to discovering distinctive rugs of the world for anyone who values quality under foot as much as they do. Colour and material is core to this journey of curation. They select rugs created from the finest yarns and fibres to guarantee quality at the source.

The makers of each handcrafted creation share this rug-infused dedication expressed through each of the collections. Voke Rugs seek to engage people not only through the eyes but also through the feeling the product story generates.

This September, people naturally begin to venture outdoors and enjoy the Spring sunshine. If you’re looking to add comfort and design to your outdoor space, then an outdoor rug may be the ideal addition to your space. Voke Rugs also boasts a wide selection of outdoor rugs. Here you can find the perfect piece to bring added flair to your Spring alfresco entertainment.

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