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Top Carpets: Urban Chic Starts Underfoot

Top Carpets and Floors is South Africa’s largest flooring group with branches that are all individually owned, giving each of their more than 120 stores an urban flavour tailored to its specific area.

Customers can rely on these experts in making the right choice of urban flooring which is current, high performing and will last for many years to come – while adding value to your home. These are the top 5 predictions for 2018 when it comes to urban flooring and the latest trends…

Trend 1: The natural look
The demand by urban customers for finishes that resemble natural materials will continue. It has been popular for many years now, with laminate especially opening up a whole new world for lovers of natural-looking flooring at a fraction of the cost. The sheer variety of laminates available and their ability to stand the test of time continue to make them a trending trend in urban flooring.

Trend 2: Rugs
The latest trends in modern urban flooring choices indicate that homeowners are becoming increasingly creative and adventurous with flooring. What better way to spruce up an urban space and make it super trendy than with a few of the right rugs? We have an online designer rug shop. We understand our urban customers, and online shopping is by no means restricted to groceries! Urban flooring solutions are best explored (because there is just so much out there), so jump online with us if you are in the market for a snazzy designer rug or two.

Trend 3: Eco-friendly
The planet comes first – no urbanite is going to argue with that! There has been a massive swing in the past few years towards sustainable and responsible manufacturing processes when it comes to flooring, and customers want this hallmark on the products that they buy. Any company selling urban flooring today who is not supporting green initiatives is unlikely to sustain their customer base into 2018!

Trend 4: An affordable price tag
With the rand value being what it is, customers today are more careful when it comes to spending their hard-earned money. This is especially true when it comes to long-term investments, which is exactly what a new carpet or floor is. As such, urban customers want flooring that is durable and wears well underfoot, while also looking stunning.

Trend 5: Home renovation
Flooring is a popular home renovation choice. Homeowners are recognising the value that good urban flooring solutions can add to their homes without breaking the bank. Our advice has always been to be sure to involve a professional and you will be assured of lasting, beautiful urban flooring, which you will probably love so much that you may even take your home off the market!

For the widest range of urban flooring solutions, look no further than Top Carpets and Floors. Visit your nearest store or simply peruse the website to see what a marvellous range is now on offer.

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