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Belschr Rugs: How To Shop High-End Rugs On A Budget

The words high-end and budget do not usually go together in the same sentence. But when it comes to interior design and good deals, we want to share our knowledge with you. When shopping for the perfect rug for your home, there are a number of things to consider to make your money go further without skimping on style. 

With the help of Belschr Rugs, we share some top tips for buying the best rugs, even on a budget.

  1. Consider Customising Your Choice

Customised rugs are not always alarmingly expensive. In fact, you may want to splurge on a rug made just for you – in the right size, shape and style for your space. You may also get more wear out of a rug that feels like it has been made just for your home!

If you are customising a rug, you can find ways to save. Perhaps consider a less expensive material, a smaller size or a lower knot count which may be more cost effective to purchase. Flat weaves such as a dhurrie, kilim, or soumak styles are often more affordable than others, so contact the boys at Belschr Rug Specialists and they will shop around and get the best rug options on offer to suit your available budget.

2. Layer Your Rugs

Big floor rugs can be costly, but thankfully, we love the layered rug look and this trend allows you to invest in smaller rugs that can be layered in your space. Smaller rugs will certainly cost less and the layered look will still ensure a designer, high-end appeal that you’re after.

3. Consider the Materials

Natural fabrics, however beautiful, are often expensive. When it comes to rugs however, modern innovation sees a wide variety of alternatives available on the market today- which are as stylish and durable as the high-end offerings. If you are after a beautiful silk rug, for example, a genuine silk material may set you back a pretty penny. However, many options are now available in silk alternative fabrics to suit your needs, such as nylon, viscose, rayon and more. Look out for affordable options and invest in synthetic fabrics and rugs that will not only be easier on your budget, but still offer your home that classy and refined look you are hoping to achieve.



For more, find the perfect rug to suit any room at Belschr Rugs. They source and import high-quality hand made traditional and contemporary area rugs by collaborating with local and international rug manufacturers to ensure the best quality options for clients. As a result, they make the process of selecting the right rug easy and convenient.

Contact: Belschr Rugs.

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