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Belschr Rugs: 5 Things You Need To Know Before Adding A Rug To The Kitchen

A rug in the kitchen is a great addition – providing warmth, colour and texture to this ‘heart of the home’. Before you go out and buy a rug, however, there are a few considerations that you can’t ignore. Here we share five things to think about before adding a rug to your kitchen.


Kitchens come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you could opt for a huge area rug in the centre of the room, a runner down a long narrow galley kitchen, or a smaller rug option in front of an island or sink. Let the layout determine your rug choice – this will be an essential guide to help you choosing the right rug and location of your selected rug in your kitchen.


Rugs are available in a variety of finishes, colours, patterns and textures. Choose something that helps to achieve your design aesthetic. A bold colour or pattern will add a little drama but a simple, neutral rug could work wonderfully to add a sense of calm and comfort in the kitchen. Whichever your design scheme, be sure to shop around and envision different styles of rugs in your kitchen, before you make a final choice.


Size matters when it comes to interior design, and the same is true for rug selection. In a large kitchen, a small rug may seem out of place, as if it is floating in the room. An oversized rug, on the other hand, may take up too much room and overwhelm the senses. Start by measuring up and deciding on the exact parameters that will require a rug.

The Finish

In a kitchen where slips and spills are likely to occur on a daily basis, be sure to invest in a rug finish that is both easy to maintain and durable to hold up under any accidental spills and grime. Flat-weave rugs are typically easier to clean and may work best in a kitchen space, but shop around and find the best choice for you.


Always ensure that a rug on a smooth surface, such as wood or tiles in the kitchen, has slip-proof backing to ensure safer use and prevent accidents such as a slip and fall. This will also help to ensure that your kitchen rug doesn’t slide around while you are working.

Don’t be afraid to call in the specialists. Choosing a rug can be daunting but rest assured that a specialist can take care of all of your requirements. Belschr Rugs are a Cape Town based company that offers a specialist service to the design industry and the public. They source and import high-quality hand made traditional and contemporary area rugs by collaborating with local and international rug manufacturers to ensure the best quality options for clients.

Need help deciding which style or colour rug to purchase? They will assist.

View Belschr Rugs’ ranges online and select your choice to be delivered on approval or brief the team on your requirements and request a home, office or on-site presentation at your convenience.


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