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Jun 26, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Hacks by the Experts at Heriz Gallery

Keeping your home and furnishings in tip top condition should be high on your priority list to ensure the longevity of your household items. A stained carpet can make for a dreadful eyesore in the home. That’s why we asked for help from the professionals at Heriz Gallery regarding how to clean those nasty stains from your precious carpets.

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Here’s our top FAQ with advice from the experts:

How do I treat wine stains and everyday spills?

Immediately pour salt onto the affected area as this will absorb excess liquid and help prevent saturation. Treat the area with a dry carpet-cleaning product. Heriz Gallery has a range of quality dry carpet-cleaning products available. Should you not succeed in removing the stain, then professional cleaning is suggested.

How do I clean my carpet?

Everyday vacuuming is recommended. A reputable, dry carpet-cleaning product will also assist in removing stubborn grit and odours.

What can I do to remove pet stains?

Pet stains are particularly detrimental to the natural fibres used for weaving your carpet. Pet-stained carpets must be cleaned by a professional to minimise colour-running and permanent fibre damage.

Can I wash my carpet at home?

Professional washing and drying is strongly advised. Home washing may result in colour-running, shrinkage and fibre damage. Get in the experts to help you maintain your carpets. At Heriz Gallery, you will find professionals in maintenance and repair of Persian carpets and oriental rugs who know the best way to care for your investments.

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