The SHF Guide To Selecting The Right Rug For Your Home

A gorgeous rug can complete a room and tie an entire design scheme together.  If you’re worried about selecting the right rug for the rightroom in your home, do not fret! SHF brings you a wide selection of superior rugs to brighten up every space, from the bedroom to the living room!

In the living room… 

You’ve carefully selected the furniture and finishes for your living room, but something seems to be missing. Tie it all together with a striking area rug to complement your furniture, colours and textures used throughout this space.

A soft or fluffy rug is great for adding a textural element to your living room. However, you may also want to consider something durable to withstand theinflux and movement through your living room that you will experience every day.

The perfect rug will also soften the hard edges of a clean and modern design thatbrings added comfort and warmth to your interior space. Choose a bold pattern with complementary shades or go for something minimalist to enhance the simplicity of your living room scheme.


SHF opens up a world of opportunitieswith bold prints, patterns, colours and neutrals to suit just about any living room. Some of our favourite rugs for the living room include the gorgeous Botany Spade Rug in a striking botanical print. Botanics are certainly the hottest interior trend at the moment; but what makes this rug unique is the fact that this print is kept neutral with a muted colour palette of greys, white and charcoal tones. In keeping with the richness of botanics, the Posy Rosewood Rug will infuse colour and energy into any living room, giving it a vibrant feel that is fresh and on-trend.

Striking geometric designs are also a fabulous addition to the living room. The Geo Rug is sure to make the boldest graphic statement. For something more understated, the beautiful Aura Rug or Parkland Rug are superb alternatives in any contemporary space.

In the bedroom…

In the bedroom, comfort is king! Bring warmth underfoot with a classy rug in the most intimate room in the house.The bedroom typically has less movement than a living room, so you could get away with a plush rug with a thicker, more luxurious pile. Match your rug to your colour and design scheme and let it anchor your bed and other furniture with sophistication!


Some of our beloved rugs for the bedroom include those with a distressed print – bringing an old-world charm to your modern suite! SHF‘s Heirloom rug is a charming offering to enhance any bedroom. We also love the Duchess Rose Rug for its hint of contrast and beautiful aged effect.

In many ways, choosing a rug is like choosing a piece of art. Select something that speaks to you and that you love. Whether simple and muted like the Esplanade Rug from SHF for something bold and intriguing like the Shanti Rug – choose a rug that warms both your heart and home!

In many ways, choosing a rug is like choosing a piece of art. Adopt a designthat speaks to your taste and let it define what you love. From simple and muted, like the Esplanade Rug, to something bold and striking like the Shanti Rug – choose the rug that warms both your heart and home!


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For more visit SHF.



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