Belgotex: The Luxury of Wood-Look Vinyl Flooring

Well hello, superior floors inspired by nature. Bring a new-found class to your favourite spaces and embrace the longevity of vinyl – the ultimate finish for every room.

With so many benefits, vinyl flooring is an asset in any interior. Belgotex presents a range of luxury vinyl flooring with gorgeous wooden nuances to suit many preferences. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer:


The beauty of the forest is intrinsically captured in the Charleston luxury vinyl plank tile range from Belgotex. Charleston creates a beautiful wood-look floor setting, without the noise, durability, cost or cleaning concerns of real wood.




Davenport is a combination of rustic tones and textures, which makes it the perfect product for any commercial installation that requires performance as well as aesthetic appeal. These latest colour and texture trends are not just for “show”, they are backed up by a 0,55mm wear layer which means it will perform in heavy commercial areas as well as look great in any trendy home.



Situated in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic, Hampton is a unique city with an old soul and a youthful spirit. It is surrounded by breathtaking rivers, tidal wetlands and expansive state forests. People love Hampton for its innate beauty and textural vibrancy, for the quality of its produce, the depth and diversity of its history, and the heart of its people.



As leaders of change in the flooring industry, Belgotex knows how important it is to create new products inspired by nature, that help you improve your life. That’s why they’ve introduced Penninsula, an innovative vinyl product that is perfect for any contemporary setting.



Because they believe in the beauty of wood without the cost – to nature and your pocket – Belgotex has launched Portland, a highly durable vinyl flooring plank range with an ultra-realistic wood look. It features a natural wood grain texture in straight, curly or wavy grain patterns, and even the occasional band-sawn effect, which adds warmth, depth and authenticity.


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