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Aug 10, 2015

Bathroom design ideas

Exquisite Bathroom design ideas for 2015. Bathroom renovations have jumped to the top of the list in 2015, with more people interested in creating a tranquil space, where they can take a little “me” time and relax. Give your bathroom a stylish makeover with these trendy bathroom design ideas from Corobrik . Corobrik-bathroom-Design6 Incorporate nature into your bathroom design for a calming effect If you wish to create a retreat in your home, where you can immediately feel calm and relaxed, then incorporating natural materials into your bathroom is the way to go. Nothing is quite as welcoming or serene than bringing the outdoors in. Incorporate an exposed face brick feature wall, wooden or natural stone flooring and a big open bay window to infuse a sense of serenity into your bathroom. Corobrik-bathroom-Design7   Bring the natural beauty of plants into your bathroom design Vertical gardens are trending, and are definitely a stunning alternative to the typical pot plant. Dress your bathroom with breath taking, cascading creepers and choose plants with a soft natural scent to compliment the overall look and feel of your personal haven. It’s all about freestanding bathtubs and spacious showers in 2015 bathroom designs Freestanding bathtubs are no longer purely functional, they create a striking, aesthetic feature in bathrooms and have become a real focal point. When it comes to showers bigger is better this season, with double and walk in showers becoming an exciting favourite. Smart water control has become a thing in bathroom technology. Shower and basin faucets are now coming with smart, user-friendly fixtures; such as thermostats, and multiple water controls so you can be sure to enjoy every second in the shower. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying a nice warm bath or shower after a long day. By incorporating a few of Corobrik’s bathroom design ideas into your bathroom renovations, you can save money on the spa and relax in your own personal retreat. bathroom-Design-Ideas11 Corobrik-bathroom-Design  

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