Belgotex: The Grass That Lasts

With a large percentage of the population currently facing severe drought and water restrictions, our gardens, and especially our lawns, have taken a back seat. What was once a flourishing green carpet of lush vegetation may have been replaced with sand and burned out grass that just hasn’t been able to thrive under the circumstances! But it really doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, Belgotex brings us a ‘grass that lasts’ in Duraturf – South Africa’s leading artificial lawn!

With Duraturf Artificial Grass you can enjoy the look and feel of perfectly manicured grass all year round without the hassles. The fake grass is easy to shape, install and maintain. It is exceptionally durable and safe for both your children and pets. They also offer SA’s largest range of grass to suit just about any landscape – whether indoors or out!

There is quite a variety to choose from, so depending on your needs and preferences, you can select your preferred shade and pile height to suit your style. Duraturf provides endless creative landscaping solutions for the home and commercial environment. It is ideal for creating low-maintenance lawn effects in deep-shade areas, around pools, water features and pavers adding colour and underfoot softness to cement-screened areas. Constructed out of durable, tufted yarns, Duraturf is available in a range of pile heights and is suitable for multiple applications. Perfect for landscaped lawns, terraces or to green over dull boring patches where real grass just won’t grow – think courtyards or balconies, pavers or gardens, under the swings or jungle gym – DuraTurf is a fabulous foundation that blurs the lines between indoors and out. We also love the Colorgrass range (3) which is available in six bright colours including black, blue, orange, red, yellow and white, ideal to transform playgrounds or playrooms with a safe, synthetic surface that’s suitable for children and pets.
You can’t go wrong with Duraturf – the grass that lasts! Contact: Belgotex


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