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Apr 25, 2017

Belgotex: Going Green and Winning Awards

The concept of ‘going green’ and living an ‘eco-friendly’ life is not simply a passing fad. On the contrary, living sustainably now will have a huge impact on how we choose to live in the future. Think of our energy supplies, natural resources and renewable materials – if we want to continue to thrive in this world we need to think about the future of our environment.

Belgotex Floors is one such local organisation taking huge strides in the development of green living. We are pleased as punch that they successfully earned SA’s first custom industrial Green Star rating by the Green Building Council of SA. The outstanding 6 Star certification recognises “World Leadership” at the Pietermaritzburg-based factory for its sustainability practices in all aspects of their plant and carpet manufacturing operations.

This is exciting news for everyone involved in local design in South Africa as this means that interior designers can now specify, not only Green Tag certified flooring (for maximum points for green building), but also from a certified world-leading green factory. As industry leaders, Belgotex has implemented outstanding practical and measurable strategic solutions in an array of areas including its management; indoor environment quality; transport, energy and water consumption; as well materials used, land, ecology and emissions.

Extra credits were earned for Innovations which saw the company adopt several new eco-innovative production processes. The idea is to further reduce energy and raw material consumption, minimise waste, and allow the company to develop products with higher recycled content. “Our main goal is to operate a sustainable factory wherever economically and environmentally feasible,” explains Kevin Walsh, chief operations officer at Belgotex Floors. “For us, it makes good business sense. It improves operational efficiencies, product development and social upliftment and positions us as industry leaders.” Moving ahead, we hope to see even greater efforts in green transformation within the industrial and manufacturing sector in South Africa. We salute you Belgotex for laying down the gauntlet. Contact: Belgotex

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