Bamboo Warehouse: Herringbone is Back

You would be forgiven for thinking that the herringbone style of flooring is a relatively new invention given the surge in its popularity. However, this style has been around since 500BC when it was first created by the Romans.

Two and a half millennia ago, The Romans used this beautiful interlocking system to create nearly 50,000 miles of road. You can find this style in everything from medieval castles, churches and homes. It was quite literally based on the natural symmetry of the herring fish’s skeletal system – pretty cool!

So why is this style making a resurgence? When you look at the lines and eye-catching design it’s really easy to see why today’s consumers would opt for this style of installing hardwood floor (you even find the pattern on material, tiling and furniture). Alongside this, it takes a real craftsman to lay this type of flooring accurately.  

You can see it just by looking at the flooring! Its sophisticated and delicate design show the attention to detail it takes to do this – but please note that you always need to use a craftsman for this as a poorly laid herringbone floor stands out even more because of the mesmerizing pattern. It’s really easy to spot when something goes wrong! This is not going to be your standard mass produced flooring. It’s special like a work of art and it takes a well-seasoned craftsman to do this for you!

Bamboo is ideal for this style of flooring, not only is it incredibly hard, but it comes in a huge variety of styles and shades – a colour palette that is sure to inspire the artists among you. At Bamboo Warehouse you can find the trained craftsmen to lay these types of floors. They boast a bamboo ‘A’ team who live and breathe this stuff. Best of all, they have a product that is good for the environment and offer 100% guarantee on quality.

Go Green – Go Bamboo! Contact: Bamboo Warehouse


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