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Apr 21, 2018

6 Rug Trends You’ll Want to Know About

A single rug can truly transform a space and give it a surprising new look. While textured and plush area rugs can create a feeling of cosiness, a bold and daring one can give a room a unique flair and authentic personality. The best thing about area rugs is that they come in a range of different styles, colours and patterns, offering numerous opportunities for expressing your personality through design. And as years pass by, each one brings new and exciting trends while reinventing the old ones.

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1.    Nature-inspired designs

Nature has always been a limitless source of inspiration in interior design, creating a soothing look in modern homes. As a perfect home accessory, area rugs are a great way to welcome nature and its inspiring colours and motifs to your home. Not only will you introduce a sense of peacefulness and freshness, but you’ll also be able to implement the popular trend of bringing the outdoors inside. When it comes to specific nature-inspired designs, rugs will feature stunning floral patterns, lively botanical motifs and abstract natural scenery, such as autumnal leaves, waters, rugged mountains, etc. Depending on a specific style and pattern, a nature-inspired area rug can style up a space, bring in colour or simply add an organic touch to a home.

source: voulezhome.com

2.    Stylish neutrals combined

Although grey was the hot colour of 2017, it will still have its place in 2018, but in combination with other neutral hues. In particular, different shades of beige and brown will enjoy great popularity this year along with black and grey hues. Rugs featuring such a subtle palette of various neutral tones will create a cosy and welcoming look while also bringing a sense of tranquillity. This neutral combination might be subtle, but it certainly isn’t boring, especially when introduced through area rugs that feature abstract shapes.

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3.    Geometric patterns: simple, but strong

Clean, simple, but strong geometric patterns will be one of the most popular rug designs in 2018. This design owes its popularity to Scandinavian interior style that focuses on simple yet impactful looks. Thus, if you have a Nordic-inspired home, area rugs featuring understated, muted tones and lovely geometric patterns are the perfect choice for you. Hexagon patterns featuring a neutral, monochromatic colour scheme will also be seen in modern homes. Furthermore, patterns may also be used to introduce a specific vibe. For example, Moroccan trellis designs can give your space an enchanting Oriental flair.

Image source: homedit.com

4.    Layers for depth

The trend of layering area rugs has become quite popular over the years and it will keep its special place in 2018, as well. Layering multiple enticing floor rugs enables you to create a deep, layered look in your home while also introducing different styles, materials and patterns. The key to implementing this chic trend lies in picking the right rugs. For example, you can go with a natural, simple jute rug for the basis and cover it with a smaller, patterned or colourful rug. Not only will you create a stylish contrast, but you’ll also accentuate both rugs and enable them to stand out.

Image source: decoist.com

5. Bold and colourful

The homes of 2018 will be charming and colourful, exuding liveliness and playfulness. While neutral shades will be used to create a classic, subtle look, bold colours will be used to create a stunning décor statement. A colourful, bold statement rug can work as a beautiful focal point in your space. You have a range of mesmerising options, including multi-coloured rugs, different shades of orange, purple and coral. Dark blue area rugs will also be used in modern homes as a way to add a calming touch to a space. Finally, the popular ombre trend will also embellish modern homes, bringing the ombre effect to area rugs that feature bright, bold colours.

Image via: thespruce.com

6.    Antique Persian rugs

Although trends come and go, it seems that Persian rugs will always be in style. If you’re a fan of all things vintage and unique, an antique Persian rug will be a perfect addition to your space. Worn-out rugs create a comfortable ambiance and bring a sense of liveability. Whether you decide to buy a pre-loved Persian rug with its own story behind it or you want a new, faded one that has an antique look, vintage Persian rugs exude mysticism, antiquity and aged beauty that works with any style.

A beautiful area rug can help you bring a sense of novelty to your home, create a more inviting look and help you create the wow effect. With these enticing rug trends, your home will exude elegance and style.

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