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Mar 16, 2019

Online Shopping Review – My First Experience With Superbalist

Online shopping is often daunting, even for the most seasoned shopper. There is the fear of purchasing an item you can’t see and feel for yourself and then the added trust needed that the online store will fulfil its promises. 

In reality, however, we are actually spoiled for choice in South Africa when it comes to reputable online stores. So, here is my honest review of shopping online and finding the perfect product worth the risk – on Superbalist.

After my recent travels through Europe, I came across a gorgeous pair of Nike sneakers that I simply could not get out of my mind. Purchasing products abroad can be a costly affair however – not only do you pay in a foreign currency but you may also face added tax on arrival back at your home country.

While in Brussels, I tried the pair on in-store and I instantly fell in love with them, but to avoid the added costs of purchasing it abroad, I thought that surely I would find the same pair in South Africa.

This was not the case. Back home in SA, I first tried to find them in-store but nobody seemed to stock that exact model. I became a little frustrated but decided to extend my search online and was even prepared to contact the European store to send them to me.

Well, low and behold, I contacted my son and asked him if he would help me find these exquisite Nikes online. His answer, surprisingly, was that he not only managed to find them, but as a bonus, it would be cheaper to buy online in South Africa than the pair in Europe!

To my surprise, Superbalist came to my rescue and we also managed to secure the pair at 10% discount.  The process was so easy and they traced it the entire way – so I definitely had peace of mind throughout my shopping experience.

Some of the benefits of online shopping is that it is certainly so easy to browse and view products online. There are no queues and hunting down of products. Superbalist also offers such a wide selection of products with international trends right at our fingertips.

Would I shop again? Definitely… and don’t you just love them!

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